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THE concept of the Sheffield City Region, encompassing South Yorkshire as well as parts of North Notts and North East Derbyshire, has long been championed as a way of harnessing the combined economic strengths of this area for a common good.

Now that theory is to be put to the test after it was announced that the city region is to be allowed to establish a new Enterprise Zone, offering attractive inducements and advantages to businesses which set up shop here.

There are three front-runners to host the zone, one each in Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham and an equally strong case can be made for all of them to come out in front position.

But the success of this project must come from the ability of all the local councils within the entire city region to work together and make this exciting project a success.

No doubt every single council would love to see this job-creating scheme on their doorstep but they must look further than provincial interest and accept that this represents a chance for the entire region to share in the spoils.

Explaining the life of young carers

SIMPLE, every day household chores and activities can add up to a huge personal responsibility for youngsters who have the task of caring for adults within their homes.

But Sheffield is blessed with more than its share of youngsters, aged 12 to 17, who selflessly have sacrificed part of their childhood to act as the carer for older household members.

However, just because they accept this as part of their daily duty, it does not mean that they should be taken for granted or, worse, exploited.

In this city, though, young carers have the advantage of the Sheffield Young Carers Project, which is championing a session under the umbrella of Views of Young Carers Explained, which will do just that.

It puts in the spotlight the sacrifice and dedication of young people who care for adults in their homes. And it has no better representatives than the dozen or so young people who will speak at the event tonight to explain more about their lives and responsibilities.

We hope people pay attention and give due respect and support to these youngsters. They deserve it.

True dedication

ANOTHER wonderful example of the best of our young people comes from reports of a Duke of Edinburgh Award ceremony at the Cutlers’ Hall. To earn their awards, the 200 recipients have put in some hard work and shown true dedication. They are a tribute to their generation and to this city and we are delighted to join in those who turned out to congratulate them on their achievements.