Work to tackle yobs

Abbeydale Road
Abbeydale Road
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In last night’s Star, December 14, 2015, a story was headlined “work to tackle yobs”.

This has been going on for three years now, since the first incident where the police car was targeted on Abbeydale Road. It’s also manifested itself over the last three years with fireworks, stone throwing and the rest of it.

The councillor has said that work has been going on for the last three years to tackle this sort of behaviour.

Unfortunately it’s done nothing and these guys that want to represent themselves as ambassadors to tackle the problem are not going to get through to these scumbags, who have complete contempt for normal life.

They walk around trying to intimidate all in their path and the only way for this to be resolved is to make an example of them.

If this had been implemented years ago instead of trying to be politically correct then we wouldn’t be in this position.