Woods ready for "war"

CLINTON WOODS knows he will have to fight fire with fire in the early rounds of his world title defence on Saturday.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th September 2007, 8:49 am
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2007, 8:51 am

He is expecting Mexican gunslinger Julio Gonzalez to come out with all guns blazing.

Woods says: "I think he will come and try and swarm me in the first two or three rounds. He'll try and force a stoppage early.

"He had a bit of success in the first couple of rounds (last time) and I think he will try and swarm me and land a big shots.

"I have to start fast myself, sometimes I do start a little slow, this time I have to be faster.

"When he tries his big shots I have to fly right back and it will probably be a war for the first three or four rounds.

"Boxing magazines say he has been sparring well with the Australian guy Paul Briggs, but this time he is making the weight better. He has trained longer, although he had as much notice as I had last time" said Woods, who won on points against Gonzalez two years ago.

"There is nothing to say that he is going to be better, but maybe he's going for a stoppage this time."

Woods, whose own preparations have been helped by a pain free arm following elbow surgery, is expecting a tougher fight than in 2005.

Sheffield's IBF light heavyweight champ added: "He hasn't fought any big names since our last fight I have fought Glencoffe Johnson, so on form it looks like me, but you can't write this guy off , he is so tough.

He has been to Germany and fought, at that time, the best light heavyweight in the world in Dariusz Michalczewski.

"Johnson and Gonzalez are about the same - Gonzalez has actually beaten Johnson. They are both as good as each other. But I would say the (Antonio)Tarver fight would be a tougher fight and that's the fight I want."

*Members of the public can attend tomorrow's 3pm weigh in at Sheffield's Hilton Hotel.