Wonderful gulls

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WELL said the author of the letter on seagulls.

For a long time I’ve been annoyed by people complaining about animals in their own environment.

If people go to polar regions, you could be attacked by a polar bear, or likewise be attacked in shark-infested waters. People have been killed while swimming in rivers inhabited by crocodiles. Just what have people got for brains?

Humans have taken far too much of animals’ habitats so we should respect what they have left.

It’s wonderful to see and hear gulls at the coast. Come to think about it, I don’t see or hear enough of them.

Pauline Kelsey, Furniss Ave, S17

Jimmy Savile was my friend

it was with great sadness that I read about the death of my good friend, Sir Jimmy Savile.

He was simply one of the best. A real down-to-earth Yorkshireman who never forgot his roots.

His fundraising for Stoke Mandeville and the Prince’s Trust were second to none.

Jim and myself go back a very long way. We have lined up alongside each other for many races together as part of our charity fundraising work.

The last time I saw Jim was a few years ago in the Great North Run. I was going into the last mile down Marsden Hill, on to the sea front at South Shields.

Jim was signing autographs, saw me and came across.

“Hiya John,” he said. “How you doing. See you’ve still got bald tyres on your pram.”

Great bloke.

Whenever we met, he always asked me how my fundraising was going.

Yes, he was an eccentric, but one who had a heart of gold.

The world will be a poorer place without him.

Walk on Jim. You were simply one of the best. I am so proud to have known you.

Rest in peace.

John Burkhill, Sheffield’s mad walker with the pram

Thank you note

last Saturday I foolishly left my bank card in the cash machine at Yorkshire Bank’s Firth Park branch. On Monday, I asked if it had been found. I was told that a lady had handed it in that morning. Thank you so much for your honesty.

Kathleen Carroll

We must care for the elderly

Whether in hospital, a care home or in their own home the elderly should be properly cared for.

Everyone of us owes it to them to keep a watchful eye and make sure they are treated with care, respect and dignity.

If something troubles you concerning your loved one then speak out and let it be known that it isn’t right, because one day your loved one won’t be here. Then it will be too late. One day you could be in their position. Would you want to be neglected humiliated, abused and lose your dignity?

There are good carers and bad. People who show they care and people who don’t, good homes, bad homes.

People deserve the best. They’re someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandad.

Name and address supplied

Searching for boxer painting

I HEAR there’s a new book about the heavyweight boxer the late Iron Hague, of Mexborough.

The author mentions a painting of the boxer done in the early 80s. I am puzzled about this as author and accountant Giles Brearley did not know about the famous Sheffield artist’s commission to paint a scene of the champ’s homecoming after his world title fight.

The late Ken Griffin, a historian, commissioned Joe Scarborough to do this painting. Joe did come to Mexborough and I met him by the station and noted he was sketching scenes. Joe met the family of Iron Hague. However, Mr Griffin had problems getting the money together for the painting and this was sold on to another art collector.

Does anyone know where to find Joe’s painting?

Stephen Pratt, Adwick Road, Mexborough

Cold comfort on ward

i HAVE just been discharged from the Northern General’s Huntsman 7 ward.

I am 73 years old and was sorting reusable waste wen I slipped and fell with a bang, breaking my hip.

The ward was a very cold place. There were no extra blankets.

A Weston, Orchard Crescent, S5

Sign oil agreements

what kind of leaders, past and present, shake hands with other leaders, sign oil agreements and sell arms to them then have them murdered with UN blessing?