Women’s vote

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Women, make your vote count.

This coalition government has shown no respect to women coming up to state pension age.

Ask yourself if you are a fair person as you read this and make your judgement later.

If you are a woman born March 1953 you can take your SP in March 2015 yet someone born in September 1953 will have to wait until 2018, meaning a difference of three years for a six-month age gap.

This is disrespectful to these women who may have worked 40 to 45 years.

Yes, we may agree that the age has to go up but not accelerated as the above figures show.

We are not taking about huge numbers who are being treated like this. These people have already missed out on SP when the age was moved from 60 to 62, so the government have already taken two years of their SP monies

There are nine million women out there who don’t vote, so ask your MP if they are going to change this unjust acceleration and make it a fair gradual increase.

You can all make a big difference to this unfair rule change along with any other policies you don’t agree with.

Meet your MP nominations and get any of your changes and use your vote.

How can you let any of this coalition party in again as they will be coming for more of your money.

A Johnson