Women invite to find their inner warrior by Sheffield Rugby Club

St Theresas School benefits from new library after 8k donation from Simple Life
St Theresas School benefits from new library after 8k donation from Simple Life
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A chance for women to get fit as part of their New Year’s resolution is being offered by Sheffield Rugby Club with launch of its 2019 women’s Warrior Camp.

They urge women not to let their preconceptions put them off and say “you can do this”.

During the fun Warrior Camps, which provide an introduction to rugby, women are encouraged to unleash their inner strength and determination as they embrace the challenge of trying a new sport.

The next camp takes place at Abbeydale Sports Club, Abbeydale Road in Sheffield, tomorrow, from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Vicky Macqueen, former England Rugby international, said: “Rugby is a very sociable sport. The work you do together on the pitch bonds you on and off the pitch, and personally rugby has given me so many lifelong friends.

“Women should definitely try rugby because it is such an exhilarating feeling knowing that you are there with 14 other teammates that have got your back and you’re all striving for the same goal. Rugby has a place for women of all shapes and sizes too, with different positions for different strengths. It really is a great sport for anyone as well as a fantastic, fun way to stay both mentally and physically healthy.”

She said rugby attracted a wide variety of people from all walks of life. The wide range of different playing positions each require a different set of skills and attributes, and as such rugby is an incredibly inclusive sport which has contributed to it being one of the fastest growing female team sports in England If you feel inspired to try rugby with a friend in the New Yea.

Camps take place across England up until January 27.

Visit www.englandrugby.com/my-rugby/find-rugby/play-rugby/womens-rugby/pitch-up-and-play to find out more.