Woman stole charity boxes from Rotherham pub

The Joker pub
The Joker pub

A woman is being hunted over the theft of charity boxes from a Rotherham pub.

She stole the boxes, which contained cash for Rotherham Hospice and Marie Curie Cancer Care, from The Joker pub, Bramley, last Saturday.

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She was caught on a CCTV camera using a pair of scissors to cut security cords which had been used to fix the pots to the bar.

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The pots were then found dumped in the pub toilets after being emptied.

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Landlord David Udell, aged 36, who runs the pub with his brother, said he is disappointed at the theft.

"We only realised they were missing on Saturday night when some customers asked where the charity boxes were.

"We checked the CCTV and the woman who took them could be clearly seen taking them after using a pair of scissors she was carrying to cut the security cords.

"They were then found in the toilets after being emptied."

He said the woman struck while another customer at the other side of the bar was being served.

Mr Udell said locals are angry and shocked at the theft.

"We are all disappointed that someone would steal from charity - people are shocked at the thought that someone would stoop so low.

"These charities support people who are drying and are in need.

"Customers have all been donating extra since, one even donated £10 the other day to try to make up for the money that was taken."

Members of the public have provided a name for the woman captured on the CCTV after the footage was shared on Facebook.

Details have been handed to South Yorkshire Police.