Woman pretended to be kidnapped to fleece OAP

Jailed: Trudy Wright.
Jailed: Trudy Wright.
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A YOUNG woman whose pensioner ‘boyfriend’ was 50 years older than her thought he would be a soft touch when she needed some extra cash.

But Trudy Diane Wright has found herself behind bars after using a cruel ploy to extract £50 from 79-year-old Ken Jones.

Wright, aged 29, pretended she had been kidnapped and was being held hostage to get the money from Mr Jones, Doncaster Crown Court was told.

She was jailed for a total of six months after pleading guilty to a fraud offence perpetrated against the pensioner in May of this year. A separate charge of blackmail was dropped by the prosecution.

Michael Upson, prosecuting, said Mr Jones told the police after he received a telephone call from Wright saying she was ‘being held hostage by a drug dealer and asking him for money’.

Mr Upson said the pensioner had been in a relationship with the defendant and the police went to his house when she called again.

The telephone conversation was recorded, in which she said ‘nothing will happen to me if you pay £50’.

The officers gave Mr Jones the cash and he met Wright to give it to her but she was arrested.

The court was told Wright, of no fixed address, has a large number of previous offences of dishonesty and was on a suspended two months’ prison sentence for a sneak theft.

Michael Cane-Soothill, defending Wright, stressed that Mr Jones should not be regarded as a vulnerable victim because ‘he’s all there’.

He said Wright’s convictions had slowed down while she tried to break her drugs habit and she was motivated to access support when she regains her liberty.

Judge Jacqueline Davies also activated the suspended sentence in addition to imposing four months for the fraud.