Woman left devastated after yobs kill and dump pet goat

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A PET goat has been slaughtered and dismembered by thieves who dumped the carcass in a stream near a Doncaster farm.

Ann Wileman, of Conisbrough, was so devastated she has given her other goat to an animal sanctuary to keep the animal safe.

Lottie, her seven-year-old angoran goat, had been adopted along with her brother and sister when they were aged just three months.

Ann, who runs Mucky Paws dog grooming salon on Sheffield Road, Conisbrough, said: “I am just disgusted that anyone could stoop so low as to harm my beautiful pet.”

Ann, aged 40, had left Lottie in her pen last Friday afternoon and when she returned on Saturday morning, Lottie was gone.

Neighbour Paul Buckley, of Manor Farm, found Lottie slaughtered in Kearsley Brook.

Ann, who had nursed the goats from babies, said: “It is the second goat I have had go missing.

“Last year, Lottie’s sister was stolen from the field where they lived and I never found out what happened to her.”

Ann has decided she does not want to risk another attack and took her pet’s brother Dave to a safer home.

n Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.