Woman lashes out at Sheffield salon

Unhappy customer: Nikki Renwick is demanding apology.
Unhappy customer: Nikki Renwick is demanding apology.
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A WOMAN who claims a treatment left her in agony is at loggerheads with a Sheffield beauty salon.

Nikki Renwick, of Halfway, was delighted when her mum paid for her to have her eyelashes extended at Bella Freya in Ecclesall Road.

The price had been discounted to £21 as part of a special offer.

But just a day after undergoing the treatment, Nikki said her eyeballs turned blood-red and she felt a constant pain.

Two days later, the soreness and irritation was so bad she said she was forced to go to another salon near where she works in Leicester and pay to have them removed.

Nikki claims it took her several attempts to get Bella Freya to agree to refund her treatment and said she wanted to highlight her experience to prevent others from going through the same thing.

She claims the salon did not carry out a patch test prior to the treatment, which is standard practice for beauty therapists.

Nikki, aged 41, said: “I’ve had it done a few times at other places. It should have set alarm bells ringing when they told me I should be fine without a patch test.

“When I had the lashes removed I asked the other salon for their opinion. They said the lashes had been scratching the inside of my eyeball.”

“They have offered to pay the cost of the treatment and antihistamines but I’ve still not had an apology or any compensation.”

A spokeswoman for Bella Freya said: “We’ve had a number of conversations with this customer and her mother and we tried to give good customer service.

“We’ve offered to refund her. In all the years we have been open no other client has had a reaction like this.”