Woman injured in upstairs window plunge angry over Doncaster shop's refusal to allow mobility scooter

Fiona Hall is a angry over access to a shop on her mobility scooter
Fiona Hall is a angry over access to a shop on her mobility scooter
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A pensioner was left furious after being told she could not take her mobility scooter into a Doncaster town centre shop.

Fiona Hall, of St Lukes Close, Dunsville, was left disabled by a series of injuries and illnesses and to get around she now relies on her £1,300 mobility scooter which the takes with her in her car.

But when the 67-year-old visited the town centre Specsavers shop on St Sepulchre gate, she was told she would have to leave it outside and use a wheelchair that they would provide.

She was told they would not allow mobility scooters inside because in the past they had experienced incidents which have seen displays knocked over and people injured.

Retired former bank official, Fiona, said: "I don't understand how they can say all people with scooters cannot come in and they have to leave them outside.

"It means I could not be independent like I want to be. Also, I don't want to leave it outside, in case it gets damaged or stolen.

"Are they going to ban push chairs next? I'm allowed to go round supermarkets on the scooter."

Fiona has suffered serious injuries twice.

She suffered a serious leg in jury in 2009 when she was hurt in a horse riding accident in 2009.

Before that, she was left in hospital for a month after she crushed two vertibrae in her spine after falling from an upstairs window.

She also sufferers from stomach problems, Coeliac disease, and severe anaemia.

A spokesman for Specsavers in Doncaster said: "The safety and wellbeing of all our customers is our number one priority. As part of this we are committed to making the store accessible to everyone, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

"Due to the confined nature of the ground floor area of the premises, access for mobility scooters is not possible. Anyone with mobility issues is offered use of a wheelchair on arrival. Those arriving by mobility scooter are asked to leave the vehicle just outside of the front door, in full view of the store, and to make use of our wheelchair if necessary.

"We are able to offer many of our services on the entry floor, and have a wheelchair lift providing access to everything else. Specsavers also offers home visits to those that are housebound."