Woman in sex act video in grounds of Sheffield church 'could lead to charges' say police

The grounds of St Mary's Church on Bramall Lane
The grounds of St Mary's Church on Bramall Lane
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Police have issued a warning after a viral video of a women performing a sex act in the grounds of a Sheffield church appeared online.

South Yorkshire Police Insp Neil Mutch said the woman's actions in the grounds of St Mary's Church on Bramall Lane could amount to 'outraging public decency'

South Yorkshire Police Inspector Neil Mutch

South Yorkshire Police Inspector Neil Mutch

The original story was reported last week but South Yorkshire Police only released a statement yesterday.

The inspector added no formal complaints from the public have been made.

The woman is seen being filmed across Sheffield stripping naked in various locations near the city centre.

The unknown woman is then filmed performing a sex act behind a rock sculpture in the grounds of the church where vulnerable adults meet on a regular basis.

It's unclear when the footage was taken but The Star understands the video was uploaded online last month.

Inspector Neil Mutch said: “In relation to the report of a woman performing sex acts on herself and appearing naked in public places, to my knowledge we have received no complaints from the public in relation to this.

“We would investigate any reports of this nature as any other report of a crime, although merely being naked in public may not constitute an offence it would depend upon the accompanying circumstances. Naturists for example are allowed their freedoms. However, some of the acts described would probably amount to outraging public decency, this is punishable by imprisonment or a fine, or other sexual offences. This would be aggravated if she were to be seen by young children.

“Additionally, a woman committing these kinds of acts in public also puts herself in a very vulnerable position as by its nature it will be somewhere out of the way. Although I stress her actions would be no defence or mitigation to a third party if any unpleasant incident occurred, it remains a fact that there are people in our society who’s reactions to such behaviour would be unpredictable.

“It is not behaviour that Police would condone or encourage in a public place.”