Woman from South Yorkshire angry at phone company who refuse to help following scam

A woman from South Yorkshire has been left frustrated and angry after a scam call left her £153 out of pocket, a bill which her phone provider O2 refuse to do anything about.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 5th August 2018, 12:16 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th August 2018, 12:33 pm
Ebony's phone bill was 153 thanks to the call
Ebony's phone bill was 153 thanks to the call

Ebony Crosby, 20, from Rotherham, left her phone in her locker at the start of her working day, only to later receive a massive shock at the end of her shift when she picked it back up.

Unbeknown to her, whilst she was working she had amassed a huge phone bill thanks to an unknown number in the United States.

Ebony reported the incident to O2 and despite there being CCTV proving she was at work and did not make the call, they have refused to waive the bill.

She then took to Twitter to share her outrage at the situation saying: "Imagine finishing work to see during the time that your phone was in a locker, a number called you and called itself back in the same minute, resulting in £153 phone bill.

"Despite having CCTV to prove I was at work, @O2 refuse to do anything about this."

Using Google, she then did some research of her own and found out the American number had over 14,000 reports of it being a scam, with an average rating of dangerous.

Ebony has been left angry and frustrated at the customer service by O2

However, according to Ebony, O2 refused to acknowledge this information and are still expecting her to pay the sum, which amounts to over a weeks wage for the psychology student.

Since sharing her story on social media, she has gained support from other users asking O2 to help out.

One Twitter user wrote: "This number actually rang me the other day at 11pm actually scared me because was so late but watch out. I obviously just blocked it but scary this can happen."

Whilst another said: "This is absolutely ridiculous. In an age where all you have to do is pick up the phone to someone and be scammed out of hundreds for it they should be treating this a lot more serious and dealing with it properly rather than turning a blind eye as it benefits them!"

The number has over 14,000 reports of it being a scam

But, despite numerous phone calls to the company, the bill still remains in place.

Ebony has since sent a private message to O2 on twitter, but they are yet to respond.

O2 say they are investigating the matter.