Woman cut free from car after Sheffield crash seeks Good Samaritan

Castlebeck Drive, Sheffield
Castlebeck Drive, Sheffield

A woman cut free from a car after a crash in Sheffield is seeking a Good Samaritan who helped her and her young daughter after the collision.

Tiggy Reece, aged 22, from Stoke, was travelling home from Sheffield with a friend, who had just bought a car, when the crash occurred in Castlebeck Drive, Manor.

Tiggy's ex-partner and two-year-old daughter were following in a car behind.

Three vehicles - a Ford Fusion, Mercedes and Vauxhall Astra - were involved in the smash, with Tiggy and her friend ending up trapped.

Firefighters had to cut the roof off their car to free the pair and Tiggy was taken to hospital with a fractured pelvis.

Speaking from her hospital bed at the Northern General, she said she wanted to thank a woman who came out of her house to help in the aftermath of the smash.

She allowed Tiggy's ex-partner and young daughter into her home while emergency services dealt with the crash.

The Good Samaritan also remained at Tiggy's side offering support outside the car while firefighters used cutting equipment to release her.

Tiggy said: "I just want to say thank you to the woman for all her help - opening up her home for my young daughter to get her out of the cold and for stating with me while everything was going on. She was brilliant."

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