Woman banned from South Yorkshire town centre

A woman who has been causing anti-social behaviour in a South Yorkshire town centre for months has been banned from going there.
Doncaster town centre.Doncaster town centre.
Doncaster town centre.

On Friday, Doncaster Magistrates' Court granted an application to impose a criminal behaviour order (CBO) on Julie McCoughran, of no fixed abode.

McCoughran failed to attend the hearing, but evidence was presented which had been gathered by town centre police officers , PCSOs and council liaison officers.

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The criminal behaviour order - which applies for three years - states she must not enter Doncaster town centre and must not 'act or incite others to act' in an anti-social manner within the Doncaster district.

A statement on the Doncaster Central police's Facebook page said the woman had been causing anti-social issues in Doncaster town centre for a number of months and had refused to engage with support or advice.

They added the incidents she was involved in were becoming worse and their officers were getting almost daily reports of her anti-social behaviour.

They said they hoped that this would be the first of many CBOs granted with these conditions, as they continued to work towards tackling anti-social behaviour in Doncaster.