Woman, 25, scarred for life after being glassed in unprovoked Sheffield pub attack

Rosie Skitt went into a pub for a quiet drink '“ but came out scarred for life after another woman smashed a glass in her face.

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 8:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 9:30 am
Rosie Skitt

The 25-year-old administrator from Jordanthorpe in Sheffield says the aftermath of the horrifying attack in the The Chantrey pub in Woodseats in May last year will affect her for the rest of her life and still has no idea why 20-year-old Charlotte Green attacked her.

Standing up in court to describe the impact the glassing has had on her life, Rosie said she has physical and mental scars and endures daily flashbacks.

Rosie Skitt

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“It has had a profound impact upon me and my whole family. I have suffered life- changing injuries which will affect me life-long and I relive that day every day in my head,” she said.

Rosie bravely faced her attacker in court to describe how she would be affected for the rest of her life.

She has already endured a number of operations and needs more to try to minimise the lasting damage inflicted by 20-year-old Charlotte Green, who smashed a wine glass in her face.

Green, who admitted grievous bodily harm, was jailed for 18 months.

Rosie Skitt

Standing up in court to describe the impact the glassing has had on her life, Rosie said she has physical and mental scars and endures daily flashbacks.

Rosie, who has to wear special camouflage make-up prescribed by the NHS to try to conceal her scars, said she didn’t realise at first that she had been glassed until she touched her face and could feel a flap of skin and blood.

She says it has had a profound impact upon her and her whole family. She has suffered life-changing injuries which will affect her life-long and she relives that day every day in her head, she said.

Rosie said she was still waiting for an explanation for the glassing.

Attacker Charlotte Green

“I still have received no explanation as to why Charlotte Green wished to harm me in this way and all I have heard is stories of how she told people it was ‘self defence’ or ‘she slipped and fell’,” added Rosie.

“Her perception seems to be that I was the one at fault and all of this has only added to my distress.”

She told the court that her scars are a permanent reminder of the attack.

“My scars on my face are a permanent daily reminder. I have permanent nerve damage to my face, facial twitching and loss of feeling. I am currently awaiting further surgery,” she said as Green looked on from the dock.

Rosie Skitt

“In terms of my mental health, I have counselling monthly and take anti-depressants. Prior to this I hadn’t had any issues with my emotional well-being – I was outgoing and had lots of friends.

“Although I have been out occasionally it is rarely an enjoyable experience for me. I dread people approaching me and asking about what happened on that night, or asking me about how I got the scar on my face.”

“I thought she had punched me at first and I put my hand to my cheek but could then feel pouring blood and a flap of skin where my cheek was hanging off,” she said.

"She did a runner and I was left pouring with blood, not able to believe what had just happened.

"To this day she has never said sorry and her actions have changed people’s lives.”

Rosie Skitt
Attacker Charlotte Green