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The mountain of cardboard
The mountain of cardboard
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THIS huge 200-tonne pile of cardboard has been collected for recycling from Rotherham households over the last fortnight since a trial of green bins restarted after the bad weather.

The card is taken to KCM Metals and Skip Hire in Rotherham for bulking and baling before being recycled through one of Rotherham Council’s recycling contractor Newport Paper Company Limited.

A trial scheme collecting cardboard in green bins started last November when householders were asked to temporarily stop using green bins for green garden waste over the winter period.

In previous winters, difficulties arose for the authority’s Waste Management Team in trying to compost the material from the green bins which, during the winter months comprises of approximately 10 per cent garden waste and 90 per cent cardboard.

The ratio proved the wrong mix to try and compost, so it made far more sense to recycle just the cardboard instead during the winter, a Rotherham Council spokeswoman said.

The trial will run until next month with the usual combined garden waste and cardboard collection service restarting on Monday February 28.