With Amey in charge we seem to lose out every way possible

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As Amey have been awarded a (very) long-term contract, could this be the reason they don’t give a flying fig about common sense, the general public, or even health and safety?

I refer to their working practice of starting a job but then just leaving it – in a worse state than original – for literally months on end.

Removing a top layer of asphalt to make an uneven rubble pavement instead and thinking it’s OK to leave that for weeks, as they’ve put a ‘footpath closed’ sign half-way down the road (which will have blown over within 10 minutes of them clocking off).

Fencing off old lampposts, forcing people to walk in a busy road – for 10 weeks!

If you ring to complain you’re given answers like ‘We’re waiting for trees’ – when the trees have already been replaced on that street.

Basically it’s a case of ‘Go away we don’t want to know’.

The perfectly fine pavement outside my house was dug up by Amey three weeks ago, spraying grit all over. We now have a loose dirt track instead.

Particularly marvellous for elderly residents and pram pushers.

It’s not the work – (Although much of it is totally unnecessary – removing undamaged old stone kerbs to replace with concrete!) – it’s the leaving it dangerously half done for weeks, months on end.

It’s unprofessional and inconsiderate.

Will Amey be compensating residents for carpets ruined by the bits of grit that inevitably get walked in?

Are they liable if anyone should slip on the chippings and sue?

I hope so, the only thing they listen to is money, even though any lawsuit would invariably end up coming out’ve the common purse.

We lose all ways.

Mr S R Ardwick

Greystones Grange Crescent, Sheffield, S11