The wishes  of the majority

Ron Sanderson

Monday, 3rd December 2018, 5:58 am
Updated Monday, 3rd December 2018, 6:05 am

Intake, Sheffield, S12

I have just been reading the letter "Change of mind" written by Veronica Hardstaff, It made interesting reading, I am in absolute favour of people having an opinion and in the democratic society that we live in having the opportunity to express those views.

During the last 20 months or so we have been inundated with reasons for and against remaining within the confines of the European Union. I believe there have been some truths and probably and equally lies from all sides. None of our political parties have behaved professionally in my humble opinion.

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However, we had a referendum, (and regardless if you agreed with the outcome or not), the results of which confirmed the wishes of the majority of the voting able people of this country, (who could actually be bothered to vote).

The issue I have with your letter Veronica is that it is all one sided and makes assumptions that those of us who wish to leave do not care about the well- being of our citizens who live in struggling area, I can state hand on heart I DO.

We are told that we need to be a member of the EU to enable us to voice an opinion and have an influence in the way it (the EU) operates and to have a say in the laws /legislation and the rights etc of the citizens of the member states.

We have been a member of the EU for over 44 years and still we have issues, just how many years will it take to get it right.

I applaud you on your canvasing of the several hundred people that you have spoken to regarding our membership but would respectfully remind you that in excess of 17 million voted to leave. You also mention austerity/low wages and the destruction of our main industries.

Funny what over 44 years of membership has done to our country.

You also mention how South Yorkshire benefits "enormously" from EU funding, well take a look around some of our "poorer areas", I dont see many benefits. The old saying giving with one hand and taking back with the other comes to mind.

Since being in the EU we have all but lost  our fishing industry, virtually all of our steel production has long since gone,we produce cars for the Germans and French but no longer have our own industry, we still have trillions of coal in the ground but buy in from Poland. On top of this we are expected to pay the EU somewhere in the region of £39 billion pounds for the privilege of being able to deal and continue trading albeit it as a lesser member.

Do you remember midnight on December 31, 1999, everyone expected the massive crash that was about to happen when all the computers in the world would self destruct and there would be anarchy, no food, no electric, the world would never be the same. Guess what, It never happened. I am not saying the next few years will be easy but by working together instead of dividing the nation we can and will prosper, there are only 27 other countries within the CONFINES, ( I have used that word again), of the EU. There are 54 commonwealth countries and over 150 other countries large and small that would be only too eager to trade with us.

I fully accept your rights to an opinion and would absolutely stand shoulder to shoulder with you to defend those rights, but please accept the rights of those who believe we are better off not being governed and ruled by an undemocratic, unelected arrogant set of individuals whose main aim is the protection of their pensions and the status they have built for themselves on the back of others, (you and me).