Winning over the non-sporty types

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WHAT a fantastic couple of weeks it has been in terms of sport.

I am not a huge sports fan. I rarely take part in activities and I certainly don’t think going to watch them is a treat, unlike my other half.

The idea of settling down in front of the TV and watching sport for hours on end just fills me with absolute horror in normal circumstances.

Most weekends I can be found shouting at the TV guide when I discover it is wall to wall sport – from cricket to football, Formula One to horse racing.

Each one fills me with dread.

I would rather live without a television than have to suffer watching such dreary things.

Watching paint dry does seem like a preferable option.

It is one of those things the other half and I will never agree on.

If there is football on he will watch it, even if it is a far-flung team from nowhere land that no one has ever heard of, he will be there cheering them on.

He will claim to have some arduous link to them – like one of the players once nearly signed to his favourite team back in the early 1970s.

But we both know the reality is football is like a drug to him and he simply can’t keep away from it.

If I inadvertently flick onto a channel while hopping around looking for something decent to watch, he suddenly becomes very animated and tells me off for never letting him watch what he wants to.

At least it is not as bad as in my friend’s house.

They have the most enormous TV I have ever seen – stretching across the whole wall in their living room.

Rather than sit in different rooms to watch what they want to see they literally split the TV screen in two and each gets to watch their chosen channel.

Admittedly one of them has to watch with no sound but as men tend to add their own commentary to any matches anyway, this proves no real hardship for her other half.

But despite my reservations about watching all things sport-related, these past two weeks I have found myself glued to the telly morning, noon and night.

Despite being one of the people who said I wasn’t really bothered about the Olympics and that it was a big old fuss about nothing, I have massively changed my tune.

I have been fascinated watching sports I have never even heard of before this past week.

Never did I think I would be cheering on triathlon competitors, long jumpers or even long distance runners.

But Olympic fever has really gripped me and my family.

The two smallest children don’t understand what is going on but my eldest one really does.

She even made her own puppets of Andy Murray and Jess Ennis and made them race each other round the room as she whooped and cheered her way through their hugely exciting competitions.

Now she runs 10 times a day up and down our three flights of stairs, telling me she is in training to be an Olympic athlete when she grows up.

And having seen how young today’s athletes started, she really would have to start training now if she was going to compete on the world stage in years to come.

There is nothing wrong with having ambition but I have warned her that to become a champion like these guys requires sheer determination.

Her whole life would be dedicated to just one sport, her diet would be closely monitored (no more fast food or sweets – which she didn’t like at all!) and even her leisure time would be curtailed, such is the dedication needed to achieve these high accolades.

Instead I have promised her she can try her hand at various sports as part of a summer of activities planned by Sheffield City Council.

Activity Sheffield have a series of Go For It summer activity planners available to download which tell parents of activities, some of which are free, happening in their local area.

This includes multi-sports camps, trampolining and even dancing.

For more information visit: and