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I WAS sad but not surprised that MEP Godfrey Bloom is horrified at the further desecration of Yorkshire’s beautiful landscape and heritage by wind farms and calls them ‘beastly, useless monsters’.

Onshore wind is the cheapest of all the low carbon technologies and is getting cheaper. As costs fall, the Government plans to reduce the price for wind energy, which will make it cheaper for households.

It also brings energy security. Imported fuels and nuclear cannot do this. Most wind farms pay back the amount of energy used to build them in six months. Hardly ‘useless’.

Renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint and prevents catastrophic climate change. Small islands, like the Maldives, already face being the first climate refuges.

To say wind turbines are a blot on the landscape is thoughtless inaccuracy. They are a breath of fresh air for people in low-lying countries and they are majestic structures.

Maureen Edwards, Sheffield Friends of the Earth

a BIG concern to climate campaigners is that successive governments failed to take adequate action on climate change or develop renewable energy. They assure us there are a range of technologies to replace fossil fuel power stations.

Nuclear, carbon capture and storage, offshore wind and perhaps tidal power are likely to be the other major players but all have pretty drastic consequences when used at scale.

There is much less awareness about the future landscape impacts of, for example, the higher capacity electricity grid we will need or the harbours to serve offshore renewables.

Onshore wind farms are drawing criticism because they are being built in large numbers. Other technologies are not as far advanced. They will attract opposition once they arrive.

Onshore wind farms are likely to have less negative impact than anything that could replace them.

We face difficult compromises if we are to ensure the ‘lights stay on’.

Chris Broome, Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change