Win Easter eggs for sewage pumps

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As well as hunting for chocolate eggs this Easter, {|Yorkshire Water|click here} is calling on customers to help hunt for sewage pumping stations hidden throughout the city.

The firm is tasked with locating hundreds of private sewage pumping stations across the region which, as of October 1, it will be responsible for looking after under Government regulations.

To date, 350 have been found including 13 in Sheffield, but it is believed many are still to be identified.

Each customer that finds a previously undiscovered and eligible sewage pumping station and lets Yorkshire Water know about it before the April 16, will be sent an Easter Egg as a token of gratitude from the company.

Dave Wilson, Transfer Manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “The sewage pumping stations literally could be anywhere - in a customer’s garden, on public land next to a house or business, or just on the side of the road.

“Many are located in private gardens and areas where we do not normally enter, which is why we need help from customers to find them.”

Call 0345 124 2424 to report one. Visit Yorkshire Water