Will we ever learn lessons from war?

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May I say well done to Nicolette Williams for the work she has done.

To have a war monument in Shiregreen cemetery is long overdue and prompts me to find my old and dear friend Doris. We worked together at the SYD laundry on Bellhouse Road.

After her brother Jack died in June 1944, Doris joined the ATS. We wrote regularly and met when possible. On leaving the ATS Doris joined the land army and after that we lost touch with each other.

I was married in 1947 so my surname and address altered. Maybe letters didn’t reach me. I hope you are still around Doris and plan to go to the cemetery in September. I would love to meet up with you.

Another old family friend is aircraftsman John Green, who died in January 1947.

Somehow it seems so wrong that young lives are still being lost in war, after all these years.

It seemed unbelievable to me when Tripoli was in trouble recently. My Jim was dealing in that area all those years ago.

He was lucky enough to come home. War service caused him and many in his age group much suffering in later life. Will lessons ever be learned?

Constance Wheeliker, Newman Road, S9

Reading my copy of The Star, Friday August 24, about the Normandy veteran, brought my thoughts back to that time.

I was in that area on June 20. I landed with my unit on Gold Beach from a tank- carrying ship crewed by the Americans.

My unit was RAOC attached to the 34th armoured division Ordinance Field Park, carrying emergency spares. The infantry was 52nd Lowland Division.

Falaise, the Ardennes, at Christmas the Americans had big losses there. Then Eindhoven, and across the Rhine in April to Gronau in Germany, on a floating platoon bridge.

At the end of the war we were kept as an army of occupation. I was released from the army in Germany in October 1946.

I started work three weeks later, family life kept me busy so as a Normandy veteran I did not have the time or inclination to join British Legion Veterans.

But memories still linger on.