Will new taxation end up a complete bedroom farce?

Danny Dorling.
Danny Dorling.
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“IT’S A mess, and it’s down to the pride and stupidity of government ministers.”

So says Sheffield University Professor of human geography Danny Dorling of the looming effects of the bedroom tax.

And he should know.

Over the past 10 years his work in the areas of poverty and inequality have been at the forefront of academic and political thinking on the divide between rich and poor. This new tax, he says, is all down to ministers mistakes that they are too proud to admit to and correct.

“It’s a complete mess,” said the author of Injustice: Why social inequality persists and many other studies in inequality and population. I think that the Government did not quite realise what they were doing. It was all designed to free up space in London and they forgot that there’s a country outside London.

“They didn’t realise three-quarters of the empty rooms were outside London but because of Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Ian Duncan Smith’s pride and his not wanting to admit his mistake they carry on with it.

“Because of his stupidity and pride he could not admit he’d made a mistake and isn’t as clever as he thought he was.

“It’s not that they are evil, it’s just that people at the top are stupid.

“I think this could be overturned within a year or 18 months because there are going to be so many bad news stories from this because of the way it will affect people.”