Will it snow again today in Sheffield? Your hour-by-hour forecast

Snow in SheffieldSnow in Sheffield
Snow in Sheffield
Sheffield has been hit by heavy snow this morning causing a number of road closures and crashes across the city.

Most areas of Sheffield were hit with heavy snow this morning with some roads becoming 'no go' areas for motorists.

Police warned motorists to avoid driving altogether unless completely necessary after a number of crashes in treacherous conditions.

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Stocksbridge Bypass had to be closed in both directions for around two hours while Snake Pass and Woodhead Pass were also closed as a result of the weather.

Sheffield United's clash at home to Cardiff City this evening could be in jeopardy with the club still monitoring the conditions.

A yellow warning for snow is in place for Sheffield throughout the rest of the day but will we actually be hit with more snow?

12pm - Heavy Rain 1C

1pm - Heavy Rain 1C

2pm - Light Rain 1C

3pm - Light Rain 2C

4pm - Drizzle 2C

5pm - Sleet Shower 3C

6pm - Heavy Rain 3C

7pm - Heavy Rain 5C

8pm - Light Rain 5C

9pm - Cloudy - 5C

10pm - Partly Cloudy 5C

11pm - Cloudy 6C