Will GoT be back next year? How long is the wait for GoT? When is Game of Thrones coming back?

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones
Game of Thrones
When will the giant show be back on our screens?

The wait may be even longer than you thought.

There are only six more episodes left in this saga but we may be waiting more than the average of one year. HBO are keeping tight lipped about their release date but the theory is that fans may not get their conclusion quickly.

Normally there is a year in-between seasons of GoT, which is painful enough. But it seems that filming for the new series didn't even start until late Autumn, which alone will take the best part of a year. Along side editing and special effects, it's not so hard to see why we might not see Jon Snow until 2019.

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But will the wait be worth it? The episodes may be few but they will be a full sixty minutes each.

There are so many questions left unanswered from season 7: what will happen between Jon and Daenerys? Will the rest of the Stark family finally reunite? Who will win the game of thrones?

The ending of the show has been guessed at for years. And fans are desperate to find out. The books on which the T.V. show are based upon came out in 1996 ! And there is still no ending. George R.R. Martin will not release his last book "The Winds of Winter" until the final series has concluded. So book nerds and T.V. watchers are in the same agonizing boat.

We may not yet know when season 8 will be released but we do know that it will shake the world when it does.

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