Will Diocese foot the bill?

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SHEFFIELD’S secondary headteachers are opposing council plans to axe discretionary free bus passes for pupils travelling every day to the city’s two Catholic high schools.

They argue that to deny youngsters at those two schools the £200 a year bonus while maintaining the system for all other secondaries is plainly discriminatory.

But clearly the key word here is ‘discretionary’.

The council has no legal obligation to fund the free pass system as for generations the city’s Catholic schools have fiercely maintained their independence, providing their own style of education for their own community.

Supporting families who want to send their children to schools across the city for faith reasons is in many ways something of a historical perk.

While saving £250,000 a year may not be a fortune in terms of overall council expenditure, the fact remains that in these unprecedented times of austerity any form of non-essential spending has to be put under the microscope.

The protests from the schools might carry rather more weight if the Hallam diocese agreed to foot at least part of the bill itself.

Showing the red card to racists

THERE is no place for it in modern society.

No place for it in the classroom, on the football pitch or on the terraces.

Wherever racism rises its ugly head it should be confronted.

Racial intolerance cannot and will not be tolerated.

And that’s why it is heartening to see Sheffield Wednesday and local schoolkids coming together in a joint effort to stamp it out.

Sheffield United have also been active in kicking out this scourge.

When racism is shown the red card we should all applaud it - no matter whatever our colour or the colours our team play in.

Grant brings hope

THE £1million given to the Sheffield suburb of Westfield is just what the area needed.

Goldthorpe in Barnsley is also set to benefit from the lottery cash for areas which have been overlooked.

Money can be spent on training and employment schemes, which in such times are sorely needed.

We hope this cash gives these areas a lift so that the people now finding it hard to find work can learn the skills they need to make positive changes in their lives.