Wildlife guru will bring his message to Sheffield

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One of the UK’s leading wildlife gurus is to deliver a major environmental speech in Sheffield next week.

Renowned journalist and author Simon Barnes is delivering the keynote address at Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust’s annual general meeting - with members of the public invited to hear his environmental message.

The bird watching guru, and author of ‘My Natural History,’ will also tour some of Sheffield’s best loved wildlife havens while he’s in the city, including Wyoming Brook, Fox Hagg and Centenary Riverside - a 4.5 hectare wetland reserve near the River Don.

Simon said: “Protecting our wildlife starts at the bottom - not just governments and statutory bodies. Really, it all comes down to you and me. A lot of small voices add up to a shout and if we all whisper into the wind together, we will be heard.

“When asked where he got his passion for the natural world, David Attenborough responded by asking ‘when did you lose yours?’ All children are born with natural inquisitiveness. They love being outside with nature - holding a worm or playing in the mud and rain.

“My talk, ‘A view from the lofty place,’ is based on a realisation that that all humans need connections with non-human life. It comes down to you and me. Just sticking a bird feeder on the window of your second floor flat or not concreting over your garden can make a difference.”

Liz Ballard, chief executive of Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, said: “We’re lucky to have attracted one of the country’s foremost birdwatching and wildlife experts to speak in Sheffield and we want as many people as possible to hear what he has to say.

Visit www.wildsheffield.com/simon-barnes to book your place next Thursday at 6pm.