Wife of Sheffield murder victim urges police to keep hunting his killers

Saima Yasmeen Hussain with son Husnain. Zabair Hussain, inset
Saima Yasmeen Hussain with son Husnain. Zabair Hussain, inset
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The heartbroken wife of a man brutally murdered in Sheffield has urged police to keep hunting the two other men responsible for his death.

Idris Sadiq, aged 31, of Darnall Road, was handed a 20-year life sentence at Sheffield Crown Court last week for his role in the killing of dad Zabair Hussain.

Drug dealer Sadiq was part of a brutal attack on Mr Hussain in which he was repeatedly hit with a baseball bat, punched and kicked before being left unconscious in the middle of Staniforth Road in Darnall.

As Sadiq and two other men ran from the scene, Mr Hussain was run over by a passing car seconds later.

Following the sentencing, Saima Yasmeen Hussain, wife of Zabair, has contacted The Star from Pakistan to thank police on behalf of her and son Husnain, 12.

She is also urging police to keep hunting his two other killers: Sohail Khan, who fled to Pakistan in the day’s after the murder, and an unidentified third person.

Saima said: “The loss of my dear husband’s life is irreparable.

“Zabair’s brutal murder has shattered us as a family and our lives can never be same again, but I am happy to hear this good news that one of his killer was jailed for life.

“This news has given some relief to our broken hearts.

“I want to thank South Yorkshire Police for their extra ordinary work and efforts that they have put in to bring Zabair’s killers to justice. I hope that they will carry on their efforts to put the other two killers behind the bar as well. As those killers are still out there.”

Mr Hussain was found with multiple injuries to his head and body at around 11.20pm on New Year’s Eve.

Despite attempts by paramedics to resuscitate him, he died a short time later.

A jury took just four hours and 23 minutes to unanimously convict Idris Sadiq of the killing of Mr Hussain.

Police said they are continuing to search for the other two men involved in the attack, including pursuing the possibility of extraditing suspect Sohail Khan.