Widower ‘died of broken heart’

Catchline: TRIBUTEEB''Bob and Flora Shepherd died just days apart.
Catchline: TRIBUTEEB''Bob and Flora Shepherd died just days apart.
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A GRANDAD died of a ‘broken heart’ just five days after his wife of 40 years passed away.

Devastated family will say final farewells to their two great grandparents today a joint funeral service.

Bob Shepherd, aged 70, died in Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital - where he had been for seven months - after wife Flora, 78, passed away hours after being admitted there with a short illness.

A joint funeral for the great- grandparents, of Richmond, Sheffield, will be held this afternoon at Sheffield’s City Road crematorium.

It is expected to be packed with mourners.

Granddaughter Nicola Oliver, of Woodhouse, said: “We loved them dearly and will miss them so much. They were absolutely fantastic grandparents and parents.

“They’d been together 40 years and were like one person. The time grandad was in hospital was the longest they had ever been apart.

“It is just devastating for everyone.”

Bob was in hospital because of diabetes complications and had lost both his legs to the condition.

Flora visited him every day until she fell ill and was admitted to hospital on December 10, dying just hours later.

On December 15 Bob also died and Flora’s funeral was rearranged so they could be together one more time.

Nicola said: “We all thought grandad had died because of a broken heart.

“When we got the death certificate back that confirmed it. It was heart disease, they didn’t say it was a broken heart but it was his heart that had failed.

“We thought he was coping with it but obviously he wasn’t.”

Bob and Flora ran Shepherd’s Shop on Cricket Inn Road for several years and lived on Carr Vale Road. They enjoyed caravanning.

Bob formerly worked at Tinsley Wire and Flora at Royal Bank of Scotland.

Yesterday, December 27, would have been their 37th wedding anniversary.

Nicola added: “My brother was killed on December 31 three years ago in a car accident so it is hard enough to get our heads around that and now we’ve lost our grandma and grandad too.”