This is why you may have seen flashing lights in the Sheffield sky this week

If you've been looking up at the sky above Sheffield this week and wondering about the lights then you're not the only ones.Â

Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:22 am
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:27 am
Hillsborough Park

Many people have been on social media this week asking why the lights are appearing at night all of a sudden. 

Planet Circus presents OMG

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Well, there's a very simple explanation. 

The lights are actually coming from Hillsborough Park as part of the mesmerising Planet Circus festival. 

Hundreds of visitors have been packing into the park this week to enjoy the show which will run up until Sunday. 

Billed as '˜Britain's favourite family circus' the festival promises spectacular performances and thrilling stunt action with a modern twist. 

Packed with clowns, trapeze artists, motorbike displays, face-painting and incredible acrobatics, families came away from the show stunned by the array of stunts.

Modern features include the motorbike-inspired Globe of Death, and the Wheel of Death, where performers on foot race around.

Producer and Director Mark Whitney said: 'Our family is one of the oldest and most established Circus families in Europe.

'We all work together as an intimate group to create this show. Tanya, Pavel, Jo myself and all of the children Josh, Bonita, Peter, Emilia and Pedro.

'The Family wanted to create a show with a special family atmosphere that everyone would want to be part of and enjoy.

'We wanted to share the magic of the circus and the circus way of life with our audiences and public, so that every visitor feels part of our family and part of our very special show.

'Planet Circus is fast emerging as one of the leading names in circus entertainment.

'This magical Big Top production brings traditional circus entertainment bang up to date with a thrilling 2 hour production for all the family.

There are ten more Planet Circus performances at Hillsborough Park with prices starting from £9.