Why you could face a driving BAN for using Apple Pay at Sheffield McDonald's or KFC drive-thru

Paying for items using your mobile phone has never been easier but it could mean you're breaking the law without even realising.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 10:42 am
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 10:45 am
McDonald's Drive-Thru

Tough new penalty rules have been introduced which will further punish motorists for using their mobile phone at the wheel.

Any motorists seen holding their phone while driving will be slapped with six penalty points and a £200 fine - increased from the former three points and £100 fine.

Drivers who have passed their test in the past two years would lose their license with six points and would no longer be qualified to drive.

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But, with people using their phones for everyday activities more than ever before, they could be breaking the law without even realising it.

Why Sheffield drivers could face a ban and a £200 fine for using their phone as a sat navThis could be the case if customers ever want to pay for their meal at a drive-thru using their phone.

If the law is taken strictly, then using Apple Pay at a drive-thru when your engine is still running could see you breaking the tough new rules.

Lauren Rae, a dispute resolution and claims associate at Dundee law firm Thorntons, told The Sun: “The new legislation is not limited to using a mobile for making calls and texts – it is illegal to operate a mobile telephone, in any way, which detracts from the driver’s attention to the road.

“This includes checking social media, or playing and changing music. And it may also include using a mobile telephone to make contactless payments at a drive-through restaurant.

Tributes paid to man after crash at entrance to Sheffield park“Put simply, touching a mobile phone whilst the vehicle’s engine is running, could, on a strict interpretation of the law, amount to a criminal offence.”

Greater Manchester Police also confirmed this on Twitter when asked by a curious motorist.

A spokesperson said: "If your engine is off and your handbrake applied and you're parked yes. If your engine is on NO."

Snow and collisions cause problems for South Yorkshire motoristsThe same rule applies for drivers using their phone as a sat nav with motorists also liable for the same punsihment if caught doing this.

So unless you can guarentee that you won't touch your phone whilst on your trip, you could be at risk of breaking these new laws.