Why we wanted a referendum

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It seems Cameron still has no real idea of how the country is governed. He thinks employers should be able to sack incompetent workers with the minimum of red tape. A statement surely of the blindingly obvious.

The reason youth unemployment outside professions and vocations is a chronic 35% in vast areas of the EU is that employment policy is an EU remit. As is fishing, agriculture, energy and now, thanks to Tory support, financial services.

Which is why we all wanted a referendum.

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorks and North Lincs

Recalling old Crookes shops

john Jackson, writing about shops demolished in Crookes in 1966, is right about Vicar’s fish shop.

But Scruton’s was a men’s hairdresser, not a leather shop. The Candy Cabin, not Dandy Cabin, as he says. I think it’s a flower shop now.

Further up Crookes, we come to Scott’s Library, which is still there but under different ownership.

At the top of Sackville Road stands the Hillsborough Electrical Shop, previously Fox’s Electric.

Oxley’s paper shop is now owned by Muir Baxter and now a larger store.

Philip Colley, Crookes

Local children are now looking after the estate where they live

I’d like to praise the community spirit within the Fraser Estate.

On Saturday around 40 children and many adults cleaned a massive area on Fraser Road Bank which had been neglected for a considerable number of years and opened up a large space.

The children were rewarded with a certificate for participating in cleaning the area. Since then they have been picking litter and sweeping paths and steps, for which they will be rewarded at a Christmas party.

They also feel a sense of pride now and part of the community and know by looking after it they’ll be rewarded.

It only takes someone to take the initiative and start to bond with children and encourage them instead of dismissing them as noisy bad kids.

I am so proud of all the children who live around here and the work we are striving to do in the community.

So join in with your TARA groups take part to make a difference.

Beverley Rishworthm Fraser TARA