Why we’re true blues

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If you’re over 40 and you think you look good in jeans, you’re deluded.

Who says? The grand dame of glamour herself, Joan Collins.

Denims turn us into a blue serge army of shapeless, lumpy, boring look-a-likes, according to Joanie, 78 years young.

Being glamorous seems to be Joan’s reason d’etre. That and flogging her new book, The World According To Joan.

Which is all well and good when you’re an ageing film star. People expect you to swan around in huge, dark glasses and white trouser suits, a slick of vermillion at your lips. Even in Lidl.

But the rest of us only want to be glamorous on occasion. Most of the time, we are perfectly happy to be in comfy, bottom-sagging denims. Usually with something smocky hanging over the top to disguise the midriff bulging over our waistbands.

If we look like everyone else, it’s a bonus.