Why waste all this money?

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HOW dare Michael Gove suggest that taxpayers pay for a new royal yacht for the Queen?

If the Government has all these millions to waste on a ship, then it should be put to better use, like making sure OAPs can afford to heat their homes and improving the NHS. The Tories are out of touch with the public.

Jayne Grayson

Michael Gove wants us to fund a new yacht for the Queen. I thought we were broke, but it seems that if the Tories or the Queen want owt then we have loads of money.

Name and address supplied

Confusion over Occupy protest

Why do you keep describing the Occupy Sheffield protesters as anti-capitalist ?

None of our literature and flyers use this term. Had you troubled to speak to any of the protesters you would be aware this is not the case.

Sweeping generalisations of this kind, especially if inaccurate, can cause confusion with people seeking to understand the reason for the protest.

Charles Schofield

I cannot understand why Occupy Sheffield are allowed to camp anywhere they want, especially on private property.

Do they work? If they’re on benefits their money should be stopped unless they are out every day job hunting.

A Taylor, S9

A fishy story

How about this - a senior citizen’s joke of the year: picture pall bearers carrying a coffin down a path to church, on top of the coffin were fishing rods, tackle, keep net. By-stander to pall bearer: “I’ll bet he was a keen fisherman.” Pall bearer replied: “ He still is, he’ll be down at river as soon as we bury his wife.”

Stan Bradbury, High Green

Keep statue

The steelmen’s statues should be put back inside Meadowhall in a prominent position, where they belong.

Joyce Sambrook, Bradway