Why was successful bus route scrapped?

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Congratulations to public-spirited Mick Maye for featuring and sharing with the public many enlarged photographs of Doncaster Town of yesteryear on a display board outside his greeting card unit on Doncaster Market’s Goose Hill.

This is an absolute gift to all family and local history buffs, besides others. He also featured Doncaster sporting legend, Bruce Woodcock, with his arm around old-timer, Iron Hague, an equally popular boxing legend from beyond the war years, standing outside the now demolished Gaumont Cinema.

A week late, after buying some birthday cards from Mick Maye’s unit, I ended up having a very interesting chat with the man himself about his memorabilia. As he is also president of the Market Traders’ Federation, I took the opportunity of asking him how the Market bus routes campaign was progressing. The answer was that currently, only the Woodlands bus route is laid on right now for closer access to the market. He told me he firmly believed that, ‘Buses should take people where they want to go, and doesn’t feel they do so at the moment.’

That is my opinion also – and I went on to explain that until two years ago, my old bus, then No 58, had been first class in taking passengers from Bessacarr, Belle Vue and Hyde Park and dropping them off outside the Market’s Bowers Fold bus stop, then by the Woollen and Irish Markets – and also useful for other venues. My goodness, that was a popular bus route on market days. Shoals would descend with their shopping bags and trollies to bag their usual market bargains.

Sadly, without any warning, the No 58’s 10-year successful market route was suddenly cut and the Belle Vue and Hyde Park part were transferred to the Finningley No 91, which the dejected regulars told us: “Our bus service was bad enough before – without having to cope with further passengers.”

As a result, older people have stopped their market trips because it has all become too difficult dragging heavy shopping bags over a distance. Not surprisingly, the market traders had felt their takings had gone down. With such a huge amount of money being spent by our council recently on improvements to the market, understandably, both parties want a good return on this amount of money.

So, in this case, can somebody please tell me why a successful bus route is scrapped?.

Barbara Northmore

Childers Street, DN4