Why this hilarious tweet about Sheffield's Wetherspoons has gone viral

Wetherspoons Sheffield - Google Maps
Wetherspoons Sheffield - Google Maps
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Sheffield has become famous for its two huge football teams, its musical talents and now, apparently, its Wetherspoons.

Hundreds of Wetherspoons pubs can be found all across the country and there's a fair few to choose from in Sheffield.

In fact, for some Sheffield residents, there are two to choose from within mere yards of each other.

The Sheffield Waterworks Company on Division Street and The Benjamin Huntsman on Cambridge Street are just over 250ft apart.

And this convenient pub placement has not gone unnoticed in the city, especially by one Twitter user.

Many Twitter users have been replying to a thread about makes their city or country great with Drake, Beyonce and even sunsets all featuring.

However, Amzyyy, as she is known on Twitter, bested them all with her unique fact about Sheffield.

Replying to the thread, she said: "Sheffield has a Wetherspoons across the road from a Wetherspoons."

The tweet has now been retweeted almost 6,000 times and liked by around 25,000 Twitter users.

While many people were impressed by the revelation, some were able to go one better.

Twitter user RhodieRhodes replied to the tweet and revealed: "Derby has two next door to each other."

We still think Sheffield wins.