Why this American thinks Sheffield derby atmosphere is the most intense in English football

American Paul Gerald has seen games at 50 English grounds
American Paul Gerald has seen games at 50 English grounds
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When Paul Gerald took his seat in Hillsborough's North Stand on Sunday it was his eighth football match during a two week stay in England.

Paul, who is writing a travel and cultural guide to English football for American fans, has seen 61 English matches at 50 grounds across the country.

And the man from Oregon says Sunday's clash between Wednesday and United will live with him forever.

Paul told The Star: "That games was easily in the top five of all of them, and for crowd intensity was probably number one."

He added that the experienced was capped by the incredible two minute period when Wednesday equalised only for Mark Duffy to go up the other end and smash the Blades back into a 3-2 lead.

Paul filmed those manic two minutes on his phone and his video clip soon went viral on social media.

Paul pictured at Goodison Park

Paul pictured at Goodison Park

"It was absolute madness all around me.

"I was thrilled — not because I had any preference in the matter, but because’ everything I come to see was happening all around me — a proper game in a proper derby, a sports event like no other.

"The Owls fans started bouncing, and I started a video. The folks at home won’t believe this, I thought. This was a moment!

"Just as I swung my phone around to the Kop end, I saw out of the corner of my eye that United had the ball and were moving down the field … and that is when an amazing moment became the moment."

"Even without that game winner, the moment of 30,000 Wednesday fans bouncing together was unlike anything I'd seen. We just don't get that in the States, nor the kind of emotion I see at derby matches."

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