Why snow on rooftops could be bad news for Sheffield's criminals

Snow on rooftops - Credit: Kingsbridge Police
Snow on rooftops - Credit: Kingsbridge Police
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Most rooftops across Sheffield are now blanketed with snow after the 'Beast from the East' hit on Tuesday night.

Since then, snow has continued to fall in the city with temperatures plummeting as low as -6C.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning of snow for Sheffield up until Saturday morning with roads and travel seriously affected by the wintry weather.

While the snow has proved troublesome for much of Sheffield, there are some people who may well be finding it incredibly useful.

Devon and Cornwall Police revealed that officers could be helped by looking at roofs during the cold snap to find out where cannabis farms are being run.

The warmth coming from the expensive lighting rigs used in the production of cannabis could actually melt the snow away on the roofs - giving a clear indication of a farm.

Devon and Cornwall Police shared the picture of a house in Haarlem, 12 miles west of Amsterdam, which was raided after police noticed a lack of snow on the roof.

Neighbouring homes had suffered a heavy covering but this tip from Mother Nature led police to the city centre cannabis farm.

Kingsbridge Police shared the picture and said: "If we are lucky enough to have some decent snow over the next few days, and if anybody notices a sight like this, can you let us know."

Police in the UK have been known to use helicopters and infrared cameras to spot similar looking rooftops.