Why should we use public transport?

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What an absolute joke the stopping of SL2 to the people of Stannington is.

Stannington is served very little by public transport and when this service was trialled people were delighted, especially knowing it could be incorporated with the tram.

Apparently people complained about it being parked on the one-way system and blocking a lane so a newly developed bus stop and road alterations at Malin Bridge were created and at what cost to the people of Sheffield?

This also caused severe disruption to all people who travel thorough an already very congested area at rush hour.

There’s also the students who use this route to travel more or less straight through to City College and the Crystal Peaks site.

The community of Stannington is also home to a lot of elderly people to which the bus/tram service is very beneficial.

Has anyone actually thought about using a common sense approach by firstly reducing the frequency of these buses to maybe every 15-20 minutes to see if this is more financially viable rather than just stopping them altogether.

Obviously the person/people who decided this have only pound signs in their thoughts and have not given any thought to the implications this will cause.

I would also like to add you see/hear regular adverts encouraging us and promoting the use of public transport. I’m afraid my attitude now is why should we when transport is not prepared to serve the people that need it.

Disgruntled Stannington resident

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