Why should I be made to move out?

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I HAVE just finished reading your report about the plan Sheffield Council has to force people from their homes.

I am a disabled 60-year- old man with a wife and daughter, living in a three-bed council house and this caring council wants to remove me from the home I have lived in for 30 years to a smaller one.

I have spent 30 years making this a home we can be proud of.

A lot of effort has gone into decorating the house as well as a considerable amount of time and money making the gardens a pleasure to be in and the council think it will be a good idea to force me and my family to be uprooted and put in a house anywhere it wants to put us.

I am now living in a nice area, with nice neighbours, but for all I know, the council can put us in a dump of a house with a garden to match and the neighbours from hell.

Why should I have to leave my home for some larger family to abuse it, or is it that some asylum-seeking family who have just arrived here want it?

Can this ‘caring’ council let me know exactly how many (large) families there are in Sheffield as oppose to small ones?

Have all small families got to move out, or just the same number as the large ones the council want to rehouse?

As for putting up the rent to stay where I am, please let me know where I can get this extra money from, as I find it hard enough to make ends meet on my benefits as it is.

I would love to hear the council’s views on this, but I seriously doubt I will.

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