Why Sheffield's popular '˜Bubbleman' has been BANNED from performing on The MoorÂ

For the past few months, Sheffield's popular '˜Bubbleman' has been entertaining families walking up and down The Moor.Â

Friday, 12th October 2018, 12:10 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 2:59 am
The Bubbleman has been banned from performing on The Moor in Sheffield

But for the past few weeks, Wojciech Plonka has not been seen performing in this busy area of Sheffield. 

The popular street performer revealed on Facebook that he has been banned from appearing on The Moor for fears the pavement will become '˜too slippery'. 

The Bubbleman has been banned from performing on The Moor in Sheffield

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He posted: 'I am the Bubbleman '“ you've probably seen me on The Moor/Fargate during the last month.

'Thank you everyone for so many photos, tips and good reactions.

'Unfortunately I am not allowed to go to the Moor anymore (it is too dangerous for everyone because it's too slippery) with my bubbles. I will be on the Fargate as long as there will be good weather then!'

Wojciech said he only arrived in Sheffield one month ago but he's been hard at work promoting his bubble shows around the city centre. 

He told the Star that after a week of performing on the Moor, he was approached by '˜two people wearing purple sweaters with '˜Moor Sheffield' written on them. 

The two workers reportedly told Wojciech that he could not perform in the area anymore as it created '˜too much foam on the ground.

'I was trying to explain them that I wash the ground after every show and also I can put a cardboard in the ground if it's too slippery but they just told to me to go out and never come there again,' he explained.

A spokesperson for The Moor said: 'A couple of weeks ago we did have a gentleman who set up a bubble making display outside Debenhams on The Moor. Unfortunately the liquid he was using was spilling on the floor and causing a public safety hazard. 

'We explained that we felt that The Moor wasn't the best place as it is a very busy thoroughfare and therefore we were concerned that someone could slip and hurt themselves. We made a suggestion that a grass surface would probably be safer.

'After he moved on our team spent some time washing the bubble liquid off the pavement, and then we cordoned off the area until it was safe again.'We wish the gentleman well in finding a suitable place to perform his bubble displays.'