Why police have been spending a LOT of time at this Sheffield McDonald's

McDonald's -Google Maps
McDonald's -Google Maps
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Everybody loves a quick trip to McDonald's don't they?

Whether your just grabbing a quick coffee or sitting down with your happy meal, McDonald's caters for all occasions.

So it may not be surprising to see all manner of people nipping in there for a quick bite to eat.

But, it seems some Sheffield residents have noticed a huge increase in the amount of police frequenting their local McDonald's restaurant.

However, rather than just ordering a quick McFlurry or a Big Mac, officers have been at the restaurant on more official business.

Posting on Sheffield South East NHP, officers explained that their had been a recent surge in anti-social behaviour calls received from McDonald's at Handsworth and Drakehouse.

As a result, officers have provided extra support and operations with the management at these stores as well as sending out Parent Advisory Letters to the individuals involved.

A spokesperson said: "Due to a high number of anti-social behaviour calls received from McDonalds at Handsworth and Drakehouse, the Woodhouse and Westfield team have been working closely with McDonalds management and conducting operations within the stores to address the issue.

"These operations have been a huge success resulting in a 66% reduction of calls since 1st November 2017.

"A number of Parent Advisory Letters have been sent out to the individuals involved and one youth has been served with an Acceptable Behaviour Contract. McDonalds reserve the right to refuse to serve individuals and have also issued several banning letters.

"These operations are set to continue so if you see us sat inside McDonalds, please feel free to come and have a chat with us (we don't bite and we may even share our chips)."