Why our libraries are so important

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I wish to take issue with Colin Drury over his column in The Star last week relating to our city libraries and his apparent disregard for them.

I live in Totley on the council estate, (yes, we do have a council estate here, contrary to popular belief). Our library is the heart of our community, we simply have nothing else.

There are a lot of people living in Totley who are unemployed or are coping with bringing up young families in these difficult economic times. We also have a large elderly population.

Many of them use our library with its computer facilities, as, unlike Mr Drury, they don’t have their own.

It is used for various meetings during the day and occasionally in the evenings. Local groups meet there and people interact with one other.

It is a joy to see so many mums and dads bringing their children to the library and it is such an important part of a child’s life to be introduced to the world of books.

I found some of Mr Drury’s comments to be sweeping and dismissive and without the knowledge of how very important our libraries are to us.

Our library is the jewel in our crown.

Totley resident

I am writing as a member of Walkley Against Library Closures (WALC), a campaign committee trying to save all community libraries from closure or privatisation.

The Liberal Democrats gathered many signatures but this is not allied to any political party.

You can sign our online petition at www.tinyurl.com/SaveSheffieldLibraries

Julie Guihen