Why not make minimum wage £100 an hour?

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President Reagan made the point early in his administration: “Government is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem.”

Sadly, his actions did not match the rhetoric.

In the UK small and medium-sized businesses are the mainstay of the economy. Perhaps one would imagine that the modern political leader would therefore make their corporate path as smooth as possible.

Not a bit of it! It is as if politicians work out how to destroy this vital artery in the economic body.

Brussels and London heap regulation upon them, a mountain of forms to start a business and yet bigger mountains to keep the business functioning.

On top of maternity and paternity leave, we have an employment tax, pension and holiday regulation, industrial tribunals ’elf and safety and flexitime.

But the real flag floating over the politician announcing to the planet he does not understand basic micro economics is the minimum wage.

UK youth unemployment is 30 per cent in the North and rising, the economy is all but stagnant, many small businesses will now not hire another unskilled worker. How many will be laid off or put on part time? Any argument taken to an absurd conclusion must be wrong.

Why not make the minimum wage £100 per hour?

Godfrey Bloom

Yorkse & North Lincs Independent MEP