Why men should get into meggings

Max Wall: A megging man
Max Wall: A megging man
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Leggings for men? Don’t pull them down, girls.

Persuade your menfolk to embrace the Megging. Do your bit to ensure they are a hit in 2013 - the natural follow-on from skinny jeans so tight they cut off a sight more than a chap’s circulation and their total antithesis, the onesie.

Literally a giant babygrow, the onesie is THE slouchy Christmas must-have and is guaranteed to turn even the most active men into couch-slouched lazyboys demanding to be carried to the loo when they need a Number Twosie.

If your men are cautious about the prospect of striding around trouserless, play up the plusses. The cosiness. The comfort. And tell him meggings are actually nothing new. That music hall god Max Wall probably invented them as outerwear back in the Thirties - and look how successful he became on the backside of them.

His Professor Wallofski skit wouldn’t have raised a smile without his black meggings. Nor would John Cleese ever have invented his Ministry of Silly Walks; Max in 30 deniers was the Python’s inspiration.

Meggings were also adored by the most macho of man-heroes, the cowboy. He wouldn’t ride the range without a pair under his Levis... Meggings are actually only a trumped up (sorry!) pair of Long Johns.

But if we can get men into tights, striding out with only stretch cotton pulled taut over knobbly knees, beer bellies and bulgy gussets (bet you 70 per cent stuff a pair of socks Down There), just think: How much better will we look in ours?