Why Matt Helders' mum compared Arctic Monkeys' Sheffield pop-up shop to a CHURCH

Arctic Monkeys have got millions of fans worldwide but there is one opinion we all value above all others.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 3:18 pm
Updated Friday, 11th May 2018, 3:21 pm
Arctic Monkeys' pop-up shop

No matter what we've done, we can all trust our mums to give us their brutally honest opinion and that's no different for Alex Turner or Matt Helders.

The Sheffield band have today released their first new album in five years and it's safe to say it has received mixed reviews from fans.

Arctic Monkeys' pop-up shop

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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is the band's first new release since AM and has been accompanied by a pop-up shop in Barker's Pool.

The shop is one of six to open in cities across the world, selling unique and limited album and merchandise items.

Avid fans queued through the night to be first in the shop and hundreds more have continued to pop in throughout the day, including two very special guests.

Drummer Matt Helder's mum Jill accompanied Alex Turner's mum to the shop before telling the BBC what they thought of it all.

Speaking to the BBC, Jill said the shop was 'well worth a visit' and said the atmosphere was 'like being in church or the library'.

She added it was 'very cool, even if you don't buy owt'.

The shop is only open for a two days and is selling rare merchandise including a limited edition gold vinyl version of the band's new album, silk scarves, lyric bags and totes.

Other stores have been opened in New York, Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo and Paris.