Why last night's Doctor Who episode has left fans fearing a killer SPIDER invasion in SheffieldÂ

Doctor Who fans have been left fearing an invasion of spiders in Sheffield after last night's episode.Â

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 10:24 am
Updated Monday, 22nd October 2018, 10:28 am
Doctor Who's next episode will feature a killer spider invasion in Sheffield

In last night's episode, Jodie Whittaker and her Tardis team landed in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955 the day before Rosa Parks staged her famous sit-down protest on a segregated city bus. 

The protest sparked the campaign for racial equality in the United States with the episode exploring racial segregation in America.

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In the show's final scene, the Doctor watches as Parks delivered her momentous act of defiance in a '˜powerful' episode that has celebrated across social media. 

Whilst fans were quick to praise the episode centering around civil rights, next week's preview had some fans hiding behind their couches.

Next week's episode sees the Doctor heading home with the first shot of the Tardis outside Park Hill flats.

However, the mood soon turns as the team discover that a sinister mystery is unfolding in Sheffield. 

Doctor Who's next episode will feature a killer spider invasion in Sheffield

The Doctor explains that '˜something strange is happening to all the spiders in the city' as they prepare to fight off an eight-legged invasion. 

While some fans were just excited to see the iconic Park Hill flats in the trailer, others were less than thrilled about the fictional prospect of a spider invasion in Sheffield. 

James Lee Clover said: 'Another episode at home, awesome. An episode about spiders taking over my home..... Anyone got a free room outside of Sheffield....'

Spooky Claudia tweeted: 'Me, an arachnophobe? Who lives near Sheffield? Watching next weeks doctor who? More likely than you think!'

Gem said: 'Looking at the preview for next week. For once I'm glad it's Sheffield and not Cardiff ;) #DoctorWho'

Martyn Notman tweeted: 'Killer spiders in Sheffield next week... *checks under sofa* #DoctorWho'

Alice said: 'I knew there was something wrong with Sheffield spiders! they're just so dam creepy #nextweek #doctorwho #episode4 #bbcone'