Why it's apparently 'vulgar' to open your Christmas presents at THIS time of day

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Christmas Day will be slightly different for every family in Sheffield but there are a few things that are a constant.

A delicious meal, board games and some Christmas TV usually all feature at some point or another.

As does the big one; Christmas presents.

But, the timings of all these events will be slightly different for every family.

Although there's no right and wrong time to open your presents, if you've got excited children the sooner you open them the better.

However, there is apparently a time of the day when opening your Christmas presents makes you 'vulgar'.

According to a column in the Tatler, there is a certain time of the day when you definitely should not open your presents and it has certainly divided opinion.

The article is headlined 'Why you shouldn't open your presents before breakfast on
 Christmas Day' and even gives top tips for what to say if you've been given a bad present.

The writer states: "Are you one of those families who open their presents before breakfast on Christmas Day?

"Oh dear. That's considered a bit vulgar and unbridled. Sorry, we didn't make the rules, it just is.

"Stockings may be torn into with all the restraint of a hungry Labrador as early as you like, but for presents under the tree it is generally considered more acceptable to wait until that lull between the morning church service and lunch. "

Apparently, if you're 'very grand' you will wait until after lunch to open your presents.

Obviously, we don't mind when you open your presents, just make sure you have a very merry Christmas.