Why is petrol still so pricy at the pump?

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Since the General Election the FairFuelUK Campaign has received more than 14,000 emails and communiques continuing to question why current prices at the pumps do not reconcile with recent oil price and dollar exchange changes.

These same supporters are angry, frustrated and perplexed as to why no government has ever got on top of the need for an open and fairer pricing mechanism on such a vital resource to millions.

Some detractors say that it is because the Government is too close to oil companies preferring to give them extra tax relief, because of the impact of falling oil prices on their businesses, instead of addressing the cost of motoring worries that affect 40 million UK vehicle licence holders.

In particular, why, with today’s wholesale price of diesel being the same as petrol, are diesel retail prices at the pumps 3p to 5p more than petrol? Who is profiteering from this blatant exploitation of motorists and the haulage industry?

The UK remains the only nation state in the EU that prices diesel more than petrol.

In our recent General Election poll 97 per cent of FairFuelUK supporters wanted a full and transparent fuel pump pricing inquiry to be instigated by the new government through the CMA.

Only one in 10 blame fuel retailers for recent price changes at the pumps with the major charge targeted at the Government’s own inertia and punitive taxation, oil companies and speculator greed. Virtually all FairFuelUK supporters are convinced that when oil prices go up, pump prices rise too quickly and by too much.

And when oil costs fall retail prices drop too slowly and not by enough. In light of this continued pricing opaqueness and uncertainty on all vehicle fuels on behalf of 1.1m supporters we call, with the backing of the RAC, FTA, RHA, Microlise and the APN, on the new government and the nation’s new MPs to support a full transparent investigation by the CMA into the pricing process at the pumps.

In our poll of more than 60,000 supporters 98 per cent believe that current fuel duty levels are still too high, with 65 per cent saying that they think fuel duty will eventually be increased by this Government to cover cutbacks in their spending.

Quentin Willson

FairFuelUK Campaign